A day in the life of an academy footballer

Have you ever wondered what a footballer’s daily routine consists of? Whether they really do have to follow a strict schedule and abide by certain rules?

Jake McCarthy, an academy player at AFC Bournemouth, gave an insight into the day-to-day life of a young professional footballer.

A typical weekday

9am – Report to the training ground

Collect your training kit and get changed ready for breakfast.

9.30am – Breakfast

Typically a bowl of porridge.

10.30am – Training

Light-hearted and relaxed to begin with, gradually easing into the session. Training begins to intensify after about twenty minutes, with the players taking part in lots of passing exercises where the focus is on keeping the ball.

12pm – Lunch

Generally a pasta or chicken based dish. Pasta will replenish depleted energy stores and chicken will give the body protein, aiding muscle repair. Eating the right foods is extremely important for a footballer’s health and performance.

1-2pm – Gym

Strength and power work. For example, squats, deadlifts, bench-presses and pull-ups. These workouts change on a daily basis.

2pm – Finished

That’s it, the afternoon is free to do as they wish with it. Rest is essential so typically the players will return home and relax for the remainder of the day.

Terms and conditions?

Of course, there are also certain rules that must be followed when you are in an academy. Jake McCarthy pointed out two of the main ones that simply must be obeyed.

1. No drinking, smoking or going out to clubs. If caught out the players can be fined up to two weeks wages.

2. No participating in extreme sports or skiing as this creates a risk of serious injury. Included in the players contracts, this term cannot be breached.


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