Week 35 – Technology

1) Does new technology promote independent learning for students, or does it actually distract them from their studies?

  • Interview students in secondary school and students at university and ask for their views on this.
  • Look at GCSE and A-Level results from the last five years to see if there is a pattern of any kind. Could this link to new technology?
  • Ask for the opinions of teachers and parents on this subject.

2) Is technology killing our friendships and relationships?

  • Look at the specific issue of smart phones and social media. Are people becoming more unsociable and using the Internet more frequently than actually speaking to people face-to-face?
  • Interview teenagers who own a smart phone and ask how often they use it. Do they speak to their friends more in person or through a social networking site?

3) What was life like before this new age of advanced technology?

  • Speak to the generation who knew the world before mobile phones and the Internet.
  • Follow one individual’s life in particular, from the moment they were growing up to where they are today. Look at how technology has been introduced and how it has evolved.

4) Are video games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield really creating aggressive psychopaths?

  • Look at real-life examples of how teenagers have committed crimes based on video games such as Call of Duty.
  • Are these games actually to blame? Should we be encouraging youngsters to play these?

5) How much do parents really know about their children?

  • Is there a particular thing children/teenagers/young adults use technology for? Watching television, using apps on smartphones, playing video games? What do kids really get up to in terms of using technology.
  • The Internet is a wonderful but dangerous place. Should more precautions be taken to protect young people?
  • Interview parents and discover their honest thoughts on what their kids use technology for nowadays.
  • Speak to the youngsters themselves and discover the truth.

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