Week 40 – Single Mothers

Financial Strain

Single mothers often experience the stress of financial strain. Increased costs mean that some working single mothers are forced to work overtime or take on a second job to maintain financial stability, which can translate into less family time.

Interview single mothers who are in this situation and possibly speak to their children about how they feel in regards to spending less time with their mum.

An increasing workload

Being a single mother often means that the bulk of responsibilities for dinner, laundry and other household tasks falls primarily on them. This can lead to exhaustion and less energy.

Ask single mothers how they cope with all of this and what they do to get by. Do they have time for an active social life?

Should you revert to your maiden name?

Should women keep their married surname or revert to their maiden name?

Ask single mothers what their opinion is on this. Why do some women keep their married name but others change back to their maiden name? Find out by asking two different women who have done the opposite to one another.

A single mother’s rights

What rights does a single mother have? An article that discusses custody for the children and the distress this can bring, as well as possible financial support from the father and arrangements for visiting the children.

Interview a single mother who has been through a court case to sort out these matters and find out how this made her feel.

What can a single mother do to stay positive?

A more upbeat article on how a single mother can stay positive. Regularly exercising, meeting up with friends and spending quality time with your children and nearby family are just some of the ways that single parents can remain upbeat.

Conduct a survey and find out what the majority of single mothers do to stay positive during the most difficult times.


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