Week 41 – Sport

  1. A day in the life of a professional athlete

Look at how a professional athlete lives and the possible sacrifices they have to make. For example by looking at their diet, how often they train, prevention and care of injuries, weight control and possible medication they need to take.

  1. Coaches and parents in sport

A feature article focusing on the conflicts between coaches and parents in sport. Look at whether some coaches have particular rules about parental involvement and find out what some coaches say their best methods are for dealing with parents.

  1. Athlete preparation

How do athletes prepare physically and mentally before competing? Find out what their thought process is before a match/competition, including any personal rituals. If they have a particular ritual, how does this help them to remain focused?

  1. What affect will leaving the European Union have on British football?

Is there a possibility of less foreign footballers competing in the Premier League if the UK leaves the EU?

Does this mean there could be an increased chance for young British footballers to prove their worth to the top sides in England?

In the long term, is this good or bad for English football and for the quality of the Premier League?

  1. Is Euro 2016 still safe to attend?

Following the Paris attacks last November, what is the overwhelming feeling of football fans who are heading to the Euros in France this summer? Are they excited or anxious? Look at the extra security measures being put in place, but also focus on how it should still be a fascinating tournament.


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